Heartland Waste

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Acceptable & Non-Acceptable Recycling Materials

Metal Containers:

Steel and tin food and beverage cans.  Aluminum cans. Please rinse.


We accept all plastics with the recycling symbol on them #1 through #7, such as milk, juice, soda, and water bottles.  As well as, mixed colored plastic:  laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, shampoo and dish washing detergent bottles. Wal-Mart bags are accepted.   Please rinse out and remove all caps and lids.

      *HDPE Bottles that cannot be accepted include:

  *  Oil Bottles, Miscellaneous automotive product bottles (gas treatment, brake fluids, hydraulic fluid, etc.).


Bundled with string, or placed in a paper sack.

Cardboard & Chipboard Boxes:

Old cardboard containers and chip board boxes: cereal boxes and other food boxes.  Please flatten.  This also includes packing paper.

Mixed Office Paper:

White paper, envelopes, card stock, and computer paper.


Please contact us to insure recycling is provided in your area.